Hydraulic Hose for Bio Oil, Construction, Forestry and Mining

The Alfabiotech range of hydraulic hoses has been developed to withstand extremely demanding conditions. This range of hydraulic hoses have been specially designed with full mineral and bio oil compatibility. Alfabiotech hydraulic hoses have exceptional performance when under pressure, pulsing and flexing.

The high abrasive resistant cover makes Alfabiotech hoses the ideal solution for heavy duty applications, such as mining, forestry and large mobile equipment in the construction industry.


Specially Designed for Mineral and Bio Oil

Alfabiotech hydraulic hoses have been designed to be used with mineral and biodegradable hydraulic fluids. This new generation of hoses has an innovative oil resistant synthetic rubber tube achieving improved fluid resistance and prolonged life.


Ease of Handling

The Alfabiotech hydraulic hose ranges compact construction of four (4S) or six (6S) steel wire spirals offers ease of handling, assembly and installation through reduced weight and excellent flexibility. Alfabiotech minimum bend radius is reduced by up to 50% compared to SAE 100 R12/13/15 standards.


High Abrasion Resistant Minetuff

The proprietary developed Minetuff cover compound provides industry leading abrasion and ozone resistance.


Flame Resistant and Anti-Static

Alfabiotech is MSHA approved for flame resistance and complies with MDG 3608:2012 6.2 guidelines.


Impulse Test According to ISO 18752

Alfabiotech hydraulic hoses are tested according to ISO 18752 up to 1,000,000 cycles exceeding standard SAE 100R requirements.


Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer

Alfagomma is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of hoses and fittings. Alfagomma employs 3915 people in 86 sales outlets and 22 manufacturing plants worldwide. Alfagomma is ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certified.

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