Hiflex and Alfagomma Australia’s Response to COVID-19

Against the backdrop of the fast changing coronavirus situation, the safety of Alfagomma employees, contractors and respective families is our utmost concern. As you would expect we are constantly assessing new information from Government and Health Departments and therefore take effective action to limit the effects of the virus on Alfagomma employees, our employee families, contractors and customers.

We have enacted our management plans in accordance with our company protocols. As part of this response, all Alfagomma Australia facilities have developed risk-based plans to support the health and safety of employees and the continuation of business at each location.

As part of this process we have implemented the following:

Education of our Workforce

  • Developed a detailed Safety Instruction on the COVID-19 virus issued to all employees
  • All Warehouse and Workshop employee’s mandatory wearing of P2 and/or PN95 masks, including safety gloves
  • Social distancing as per the advice from external medical experts
  • Encouraging office based employees to work remotely where possible and ensuring that each of these workers is fully equipped to do so
  • Only critical supply staff remain in facilities, Customer Service, Warehouse, Workshop and some Accounts, all other staff members are working from home.
  • Hygiene requirements including wall charts posted at all washrooms and kitchens
  • Cleaning of all offices and amenities on a daily basis.
  • Sanitising all door handles, telephones, keyboards, chairs, desks and high traffic areas.
  • Regular meetings with all staff to discuss and educate the importance of good hygiene
  • Provide all staff with sanitiser wipes and hand gels.
  • All Managers have a responsibility to maintain a healthy and clean working environment and where possible to minimise the risk of spreading the disease.
  • Company motor vehicles must be cleaned and sanitised regularly. Motor Vehicles are to be driven and maintained by the applicable employee and no unauthorised use of vehicles permitted.
  • Workshop and warehouse equipment, E.G. Forklifts, crimping equipment, picking trolleys and devises, packaging equipment, lights switches, door handles and controls must be cleaned with sanitiser wipes daily.

Overseas and Domestic Travel

Effective immediately and until further notice any employee or contractor returning from overseas travel after visiting any Country will need to self-quarantine at home for a minimum of 14 days upon their return to Australia. This includes any person coming into contact with any other person visiting from overseas.

After the 14 day self-quarantine period, employees and contractors can only return to the workplace if they have a Doctor’s clearance stating they are clear of the COVID-19 virus.
All local and overseas business travel, public events, face to face meetings, customer and supplier representation on hold, until such time that the World Health Organisation advise that it is safe to recommence face to face meetings.

Concern for our work colleagues and family’s needs to be our first priority and we are counting on you to self-monitor and self-report to your Supervisor, Branch Manager and the HR Department at Head Office any symptoms that may indicate you have the virus.
Most importantly, if you feel sick, with fever, cough or difficulty breathing, stay home and seek immediate medical care. Employees and contractors also need to inform their supervisors or managers of their absence from work.


Visitors are no longer allowed on all Alfagomma sites – only essential services. All COVID-19 protocols to be followed.
Zero contact with transport drivers – mandatory social distancing of 1.5 metres, zero contact document exchange process implemented.

Supply and Distribution

We would like to reassure our customers that the COVID 19 Virus has not affected the supply and distribution of Alfagomma products in Australia.

Our production facilities in China has returned to full capacity and we do not see any supply issues at this point in time.

Recently the Italian Government implemented a lockdown law limiting people movement to contain the spread of the virus. It is important to note that this lockdown DOES NOT apply to Alfagomma production facilities as we are recognised as critical supply service. Ground transport to ports continues to operate as normal and shipments of Alfagomma products to ports and onwards to destinations across the world continue as usual.

Our production facility in Malaysia is in lockdown until the 31st March and the lockdown may be extended to the 14th April 2020. Alfagomma Australia has taken all steps to increase stock levels to accommodate for the lockdown.

In addition to our uninterrupted supply, customers can be assured that Alfagomma Australia hold high levels of inventory for commonly used products in Australia. We are confident this measure will avoid any business disruption of supply and most importantly Alfagomma Group has implemented all the recommended protective measures to guarantee continuity for the business and to ensure our employees, customers and business partners safety.

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